Driven by the belief that art is fundamental to the health of a community, the Pizzuti Collection is now a destination for the latest and most relevant contemporary art exhibitions in the country. We rely on support from donors and sponsors to ensure that we can continue to offer exceptional exhibitions, educational programs, and community events to excite and inspire our audiences.

For more information on how your organization can give back to the Columbus community, please contact Sarah Mellon, Director of Development, at (614) 300-3561 or smellon@pizzuticollection.org.


We are grateful to the following partners who have helped us provide excellent services:


Ron & Ann Pizzuti
The Rajadhyaksha Family
Arlene & Michael Weiss


Greater Columbus Arts Council


Ingram White Castle Foundation
Rick & Sara Mershad
PNC Arts Alive


Big Lots Foundation
Huntington Bank
John. P. McConnell
Cordelia Westwater Robinson & Grant Morrow III


Carol & David Aronowitz
Columbus Craft Beer Alliance
Sally Crane & Cary Cox
CRG Gallery
Larry & Donna James
Ohio Arts Council
Jim & Judi Stillwell


Christie Angel & Otto Beatty
Marc Benda
Beth Crane & Richard McKee
Jeff & Lisa Edwards
Mike & Phaedra Edwards
Barbara Fergus
Alex Frommeyer
Eydie & Don Garlikov
Thorsten Albertz
Mona & Dave Barber
Shannon & Rob Crane
Harvey & Audrey Glick
Mary & Tom Katzenmeyer
Randal Kennedy
Carolyn McCall & Dave Renner
George & Diane McCloy


Eleanor Alvarez & Jerry Rosenberg
David Skeens & Dan Ambrose
Ralph & Cindy Antolino Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Jackie Berkowitz
Teresa & Brian Biernat
Haley Boehning & Charles Goodlad
Barbara & David Brandt
Derek Brown & Jim Hilt
Drs. Carol & Phillip Cartwright
Augie & Tina Cenname
John Wakelin & Anu Chauhan
Tim Miller & Jamie Crane
Loann Crane
Chet Domitz
Bebe & John Finn
Kathleen Fox & Amery Fitch
Beth Grimes-Flood & Tom Flood
Kathleen Fox & Amery Fitch
Sherri Geldin & Daniel Verdier
Arne & Milly Glimcher
Sylvia Goldberg
Haley Boehning & Charles Goodlad
Louisa & Ron Green
Beth Grimes-Flood & Tom Flood
Sarah Purdy & TR Gross
Cindy & Larry Hilsheimer
Derek Brown & Jim Hilt
Ronda & Tim Hobart
Celeste Holschuh
Jack Jackson & Robert Storbeck
Karen & Michael Jones
Suzanne Karpus
Katie & Brett Kaufman
John & Cathe Kobacker
Wayne P. Lawson & Bill Mitchell
Stephen Lyons
Bernard & Susan Master
Ellen Pizzuti & Casey Vincent
Ram Rajadhyaksha
Shyam Rajadhyaksha
Michael Rayden & Diane Nye
Sharon & Dan Reichard
Bob & Mary Francis Restrepo
Yoaz & Julie Saar
Laura Savage
Margie & Mike Sullivan
Charles & Patricia Tweel