Lin Chen and Borishka arrive  2009, Oil on canvas  78 3/4 x 70 1/2 inches

Lin Chen and Borishka arrive

2009, Oil on canvas

78 3/4 x 70 1/2 inches

Rocío García 

Rocío García’s aggressive paintings, in bright acidic colors, describe a comics-style world of highly sexualized avatars in theatrical scenes. She creates narratives of characters on the edge. As many artists can be seen as a cultural thermometer, García brings the heat. The intensity of these ephemeral moments in an alternate reality reflects the ambiguous sexual relationships of taboo or socially charged issues. While love is García’s focus, its partner and alter ego, violence, is ever present. Sex and intrigue drive the narrative, which reflects the social frustrations, psychological, socio-cultural and even political problems.

Born in central Cuba, in Santa Clara, Las Villas, Garcia received her BA from the San Alejandro Academy of Arts, in Havana. She continued her education at Repin Academy of Fine Arts, in St. Petersburg, Russia, receiving her MFA in 1983. Some of her recent solo shows were in Havana, New York, and Madrid. Her work is in included in such collections as the Farber Collection in New York, Brownstone Foundation, in France, and the National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba. She lives and works in Havana.

Image courtesy of the artist and Magnan Metz Gallery, New York.