Nogah Engler,  Circling , 2014 Oil on canvas, 59 x 79 in.

Nogah Engler, Circling, 2014
Oil on canvas, 59 x 79 in.

Nogah Engler

Born 1970, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in London, England

Nogah Engler’s haunting landscapes explore the complex relationship between past and present. In these paintings, Engler invokes imagery of the land around the village of Kosiv, now part of the Ukraine, where her grandfather hid to escape Nazi death squads that massacred the town during World War II. Echoes of past trauma reverberate throughout Engler’s richly layered environments, where paint is used to evoke the fractured nature of history. Areas of activity and sumptuous detail are washed out or interrupted by blank canvas. Objects appear and vanish like ghosts. Colors bleed and forms merge. With a surrealist sensibility, Engler highlights the beauty and sensuality of the natural world in ways that oppose and as stand as metaphors for the violence and inhumanity during the Holocaust.

Nogah Engler studied at Tel Aviv University, Israel and Hamidrasha-Kalmania College of Art, Kfar Saba, Israel, going on to receive her MA from the Chelsea School of Art, London, England in 2004. Engler’s work has recently been shown at Mummery + Schnelle in London, England; Noga Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel; Ritter/Zamet in London, England; and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.