Tree Rings Dating 253 Rings  2010, Newspaper collage  59 x 59 inches

Tree Rings Dating 253 Rings

2010, Newspaper collage

59 x 59 inches

Miler Lagos

Born 1973, Bogotá, Columbia
Lives and works in Bogotá

Miler Lagos is attuned to the world around him, creating sculptures and projects that consider the forms and materials of our shared environment. He uses books, newspapers, plants, photography and video in sensitive and smart projects that balance themes of nature and culture. Lagos’ work often represents the way these two ideas are co-dependently entangled.

Miler Lagos uses materials that were created for something other than artwork, which often results in double takes. Sculptures that seem like tree trunks are actually made from masses of newspaper. It is only at the sawed off edges where viewers realize that these assemblages are elegant simulacra. His origami-like wall hangings also undercut assumptions, folding or layering newspaper into massive circles that recall cross sections of trees where we should read growth rings but instead see the numbers and letters that inundate our daily information-driven lives. Lagos’ body of work, and its disruption of expectations, offers striking commentary about our world today – how nature reacts to culture, how we receive and transmit information, and how we learn how to read and understand images.

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Miler Lagos at MagnanMetz Gallery

Miler Lagos at SITE Santa Fe

Miler Lagos graduated from the National University in Bogotá, Columbia in 2002 and completed a residency program at Gasworks in London, UK, in 2009. He has presented numerous solo and group exhibitions across the world, including: Arthur Ross Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Faria-Fabregas Gallery, Caracas; Nara Roesler Gallery, São Paulo; and Nueveochenta Gallery, Bogotá.