The World's Largest Sock Market  2008, Acrylic on linen  67 x 86 5/8 in.

The World's Largest Sock Market

2008, Acrylic on linen

67 x 86 5/8 in.

Lisa Sanditz

Born 1973, Saint Louis, Missouri
Lives and works in New York City and Tivoli, New York

Lisa Sanditz’s paintings edge up to figuration while also containing brilliant passages of fantastical abstraction. Her work, like many included in NOW-ism, demonstrates that the connections and relationships between representation and abstraction are not so easily pulled apart. Each can be a catalyst for the other; they are not mutually exclusive. If landscape, architecture, and other recognizable objects can be identified in Sanditz’s paintings, so too can we catch magical passages of color, line, and form that describe nothing but themselves.

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Lisa Sanditz received her BA in studio art from Macalester College in 1995 and her MFA in painting from Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute in 2001. She has exhibited at CRG Gallery, New York, NY; Isolation Room, Saint Louis, MO; ACME Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO. Her work is in private collections and the permanent collections of the Saint Louis Art Museum; The Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University; Columbus Art Museum; the Dallas Museum of Art; and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City.