Centerpiece with Characteristic Marine Decoration  2008, Acrylic on panel  16 x 20 in.

Centerpiece with Characteristic Marine Decoration

2008, Acrylic on panel
16 x 20 in.

Linda Gall

Linda Gall is an Ohio based artist known for her works on paper and paintings. She combines images from her Zanesville neighborhood with antique porcelain figurines, creating playful yet layered narratives that question our relationship with our environment. Gall photographs time-ravaged buildings, many of which are scheduled to, or have now been, razed. These buildings, which are organically deconstructing themselves, form the stage onto which Gall introduces her delicately rendered porcelain figurines, whose strange presence draws the viewer into an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ like world.

While drawing inspiration from the local, Gall ultimately transcends it through a complex visual dialogue that has social, environmental, and human implications. Decomposing buildings and objects, typically from the industrial era, loom behind genteel porcelain figurines that might have graced Victorian mantelpieces. In contrast to the beautifully rusted metal or peeling paint that surrounds them, the figurines seem impervious to time. They appear to be visitors from an earlier time moving through our own, simultaneously connected to and disconnected from what surrounds them.

The figurines evoke both human connection to and alienation from their environments, and entangle our contemporary era with one that has faded into history. Finding beauty and import in these buildings, which come alive in some sense through the changes involved in their slow decomposition, Gall memorializes them before they are swept away forever.

Linda Gall received her BFA and MFA from Rutgers University. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout the Midwest. She has been represented by the Rebecca Ibel Gallery since 1997 and currently lives and works in Zanesville, Ohio, a city known for its pottery tradition.

Image courtesy of the artist and Rebecca Ibel Gallery