American Idle (LA Z I)  2007, Graphite on paper in two parts  15 x 23 1/2 in.

American Idle (LA Z I)

2007, Graphite on paper in two parts
15 x 23 1/2 in.

Kelly McLane

Kelly McLane is a young California based artist gaining attention for her layered paintings, which have swept through the trans-apocalyptic landscape to the landscape of real-time political and cultural issues. McLane is also a master draftsman. The LA Times critic David Pagel commented “Her drawings are always up close and personal. This forces viewers to be intimate with people and ideas that are unsavory at best.” The fantastic and realistic are combined to comment on contemporary culture, as it moves through all media to even remote locations.

American Idle (LA Z I) is part of a group of work from the exhibition of the same name. In this series, the natural landscape is invaded by the mainstream media culture via the variety and insistence of technological communication including the internet, television news and inevitably the popular show American Idol. Here is a play on the term ‘idle/ idol’ and perhaps an American lethargy. McLane’s vision is not a particularly rosy one.

In her words, “Like it or not we are globally plunging hand in hand into the future, one catastrophe at a time.”

Kelly McLane was born in Wenatchee, Washington in 1968. She received a degree of Fine Arts from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the University of California, Davis. She is represented by CRG Gallery in New York and Angles Gallery in Santa Monica. She has exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Phoenix Art Museum and is included in the collection of MOMA, New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. McLane currently lives and work in Los Angeles.

Image courtesy of the artist and CRG Gallery, New York