Untitled (detail)
2005, Paper, nylon string, acrylic
78 3/4 x 118 1/6 in.


Jacob Hashimoto

Born 1973, Greely, Colorado
Lives and works in New York

Jacob Hashimoto creates magical and sophisticated environments with paper, wood, and string using traditional kite making technologies (partly as a reference to his Japanese heritage, but also a technique to arrive at what he calls “landscape-based abstraction”). Hashimoto’s light and airy works often involve the accumulation of hundreds, even thousands, of paper shapes hung in layers that become undulating structures. The individual paper objects vary in both shape and design – some are painted, some are collaged, some are round, others are square. Each piece hangs in purposeful relation to the others creating compositions that can be read both in small sections and as a universal whole. The overall effect of Hashimoto’s installations is a luminous gathering of surfaces that hang from ceilings or walls. They are intricate and labyrinthine in design while creating sophisticated and diaphanous spaces.