Records Management Intern

Pizzuti Collection is searching for a Records Management Intern to assist with the organization of PC’s contemporary artist files and extensive postcard inventory.

The RM Intern will work with closely with PC’s Registrar, who manages the art collection and maintains the museum’s records. The intern will have opportunities to interact with exhibiting artists as well.

In collaboration with the Registrar and exhibition staff, s/he will revise a current plan to establish control over PC’s extensive artist files and postcard deposits, as well as create a new way to collect, disperse, and dispose of paper holdings.  The primary goal of this project is to establish order, along with create an ease of access.   

The ideal intern: 

  • Isn’t afraid of a little dust and a working in semi-organized chaos. 
  • Meticulously detail-oriented and able to spot a mis-filed document a mile away.
  • Naturally curious and investigative.
  • Adept at multitasking, such as handling multiple extracurricular activities simultaneously.
  • Enthusiastic team member with plenty of creative ideas.
  • Education or experience in art history, library science, or fine arts would be a huge plus.

Preferred majors: 

  • Library/Information Science
  • Art History, particularly in the areas of contemporary or twentieth century.
  • History 
  • Historic Preservation 

Interns are expected to work 8-16 hours per week and are encouraged to attend as many fun and interesting public programs and events as their hearts desire.

Please send cover letter and resume by January 7, 2018 to Brittany Snider at