From the series: Continental breakfast-overmorrow at noon  2012, Oil on canvas  96 1/8 x 78 1/4 in.

From the series: Continental breakfast-overmorrow at noon

2012, Oil on canvas

96 1/8 x 78 1/4 in.

Florian Meisenberg

Born 1980, Berlin, Germany
Lives and works in New York

Florian Meisenberg’s works offer a sense of perpetually unfinished experiences of the uncanny variety. He jostles representation and abstraction across his work where the familiar is consistently rendered weird. Biomorphic shapes and a copious variety of painterly applications play across primed and unprimed canvases. Beyond their quirky initial impact, observation of Meisenberg’s paintings reveals art world references like palettes, skulls, and curtains at the edge of the frame à la Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. He treads on territory that has been established. Looking for the sources of Meisenberg’s inspirations, one might turn to the accumulations of signs and symbols in Marcel Duchamp’s elaborate (and supposedly “final” painting) T um’ from 1918 as well as Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis’ unprimed canvases that soak in and become indistinguishable from color itself. At the same time one might turn to the internet and its overwhelming offering of just about everything to get a sense of the artist’s plethora of resources and inspirations.


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Florian Meisenberg at Kate Macgarry, London

Florian Meisenberg at Wentrup Gallery, Berlin

Florian Meisenberg at Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich

Florian Meisenberg graduated from Kunstakademie Dusseldorf in 2010 where he studied with Peter Doig. Selected exhibitions include: Kate MacGarry, London; Simone Subal, New York, NY; Tanja Pol Galerie, Munich; Wentrup Gallery, Berlin; Rudolf Scharpf Galerie and Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany; The Shelter, Cologne; Newman Popiashvili Gallery, New York, NY; Wentrup, Berlin; Veneklasen Werner, Berlin; Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany; Kunstverein Langenhagen, Germany; Sammlung Osram, Munich; and Columbia University, New York, NY.