NOW-ISM: Abstraction Today


A thought-provoking exhibition of twenty-first century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings representing the newest abstract work from today’s best artists. NOW-ISM features international emerging stars like Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists including Columbus’ own art star Ann Hamilton, Jim Hodges, Teresita Fernández, Jason Middlebrook, Carrie Moyer and Pia Fries. The show includes more than 100 works spanning all three floors of the space.

Supported in part by the Greater Columbus Arts Council and city of Columbus.



Johnny Abrahams
Haluk Akakçe
Diana Al-Hadid
Sam Baron
Tim Bavington
Giles Bettison
Andrew Bick
Steven Bindernagel    
Lee Bul
Thomas Burke
Sarah Cain
Julia Chiang
Bjorn Copeland    
Tony Cragg
Luca Dellaverson
Tomory Dodge
Teresita Fernández
Pia Fries
Ann Hamilton
Jacob Hashimoto
Jim Hodges
Gary Hume
Butt Johnson
Dion Johnson
Pamela Jorden
Imi Knoebel


Miler Lagos
Mangle: Diego Fernando Álvarez & María Paula Álvarez
Heather Gwen Martin
Ryan McGinness
Florian Meisenberg
Jason Middlebrook
Allison Miller
Carrie Moyer
Stephen Mueller
Albert Oehlen
Jean-Michel Othoniel
Alejandro Almanza Pereda
Ann Pibal
Brian Porray
David Reed
Anselm Reyle
Eva Rothschild
Cordy Ryman
Jackie Saccoccio
Lisa Sanditz
Mindy Shapero
Arlene Shechet
Amy Sillman
Patrick Wilson
Almond Zigmund