cuban Forever


Cuban Forever features the diverse, rich, beautiful and compelling contemporary art of Cuba. Ron Pizzuti is fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Havana, where he met with artists in their studios, visited the museums and experienced the Cuban art world. Like most, he is taken with the natural beauty of the island and the historic charm of the city.

The artists draw on a wide variety of styles influenced by ancestral roots that reach back to Western Europe, Africa and Asia. These influences, along with a rigorous education, combine to create a point of view that is individual and distinctive. While politics are unavoidable in Cuba, they are not the only focus. History is reexamined, untold stories are illuminated, and complex and challenging issues revealed.



Damián Aquiles    
Alexandre Arrechea          
Yoan Capote
Alberto Casado 
Sandra Ceballos              
Enrique Martínez Celaya
Raúl Cordero            
Duvier Del Dago              
Roberto Diago
Michael Eastman  
Teresita Fernández     
Adonis Flores
Rocío García   
Glenda León           
Los Carpinteros
Raúl Martínez     
Manuel Mendive      
Tony Mendoza
Reynier Leyva Novo
Douglas Pérez         
Eduardo Ponjuan
Sandra Ramos   
José Toirac and Ricardo Elías