Moonlight  2009, Acrylic on linen  72 x 48 in.            


2009, Acrylic on linen
72 x 48 in.





Dion Johnson

Born 1975, Bellaire, Ohio
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Dion Johnson paints superficial wonders. His large canvases are full of animated shapes – swathes of saturated hues that fall down the canvas or zip across it. The result is a feast for the eyes. Johnson’s vivid colors are those that one imagines predominate the southern California landscape. They are lush and luminous. Landscape and place drive his body of work that takes cues from both the Washington Color School and California hardedge paintings. But these are 21st century paragons of bold, bright, delineated abstraction that have no compunction about showing off. Blues, pinks, greens, and yellows drop, hang and bulge. Black and white forms interrupt and separate the colors. Some of the shapes are marked by an outline; others overlap in transparent sheaths. The rhythm of the canvas is busy but not cluttered – like a great dinner conversation where everyone is interrupting with simultaneous and brilliant commentary.


Dion Johnson's Website

Dion Johnson at Western Project

Dion Johnson at De Buck Gallery


Dion Johnson received his BFA from The Ohio State University in 1997 and his MFA from Claremont University in 2000. He has had recent solo shows at the De Buck Gallery, New York, NY; Western Project, Los Angeles, CA; Marty Walker Gallery, Dallas, TX; and Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus, OH.