Untitled 2013, Mirrored glass and epoxy resin with wood support 66 x 51 in.

2013, Mirrored glass and epoxy resin with wood support
66 x 51 in.

Luca Dellaverson

Born 1987, Westchester, New York
Lives and works in New York City

Luca Dellaverson makes art through science, pouring liquid epoxy over mirrors and directing the reactions of broken glass as a result of the materials mixing. His canvases of shattered, cracked and fractured mirror pieces are so imperfect and cloudy that they obfuscate any clear reflection viewers might catch of themselves. Light and form are there but muddied and ephemeral, a perpetual unrequited encounter. For a young artist at the beginning of his career, Dellaverson has a 21st century take on a Dada-esque notion of chance or even a Duchampian mischievousness.

Making a work with glass and forcibly shattering it is undoubtedly a salute to Marcel Duchamp’s The Bridge Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (Large Glass) – an infinitely compelling work on glass whose mysterious images about unrequited love are driven by an elaborate mythology (and interpreted in countless academic tomes). Duchamp relied on chance and the passage of time in the process of its creation. After years of work, Duchamp left The Large Glass “definitively unfinished” until it was shattered in transit. He pieced the glass parts back together and celebrated the random destructive event as the required final touch.

Luca Dellaverson attended Hampshire College. His work has been shown at Tilton Gallery, New York, NY and Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ.

Luca Dellaverson at Tilton Gallery
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