Bird 2011, Bronze  62 3/8 x 53 x 46 in.

2011, Bronze
62 3/8 x 53 x 46 in.

Cristian Andersen

A robin wearing a hat has its feet stuck in what looks like mounds of clay. He sits atop a board, which is supported by a conglomeration of things (including part of a mattress). All of this sits atop a block of cement, which in turn is set askew by a rope. Bird is a funny unexpected grouping cast in bronze. The weightiness gives Andersen’s lighthearted combination hefty importance.

Cristian Andersen’s sculptures are often like Bird - formed with wry and witty stacks of unrelated objects. He uses a wide variety of materials that include plaster, bronze, and even drywall. Some are small, some are large, some are installations and some are isolated objects. They share an accidental charm and insouciant notion of sculpture’s possibilities. It is not only their equivocal stance that draws a smile, but also the randomness of the combinations (boots, dice, even abstracted forms), which are often precariously balanced and on the verge of falling over into their audience’s space.

Cristian Andersen (b. 1974) lives and works in Zurich and Los Angeles.