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The Pizzuti Collection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and educational exchange by championing a diversity of voices from around the globe. We present an exciting range of exhibitions drawn from a collection of paintings, sculpture, film, photography, drawings, and prints that has been ranked as one of the top in the world. We also offer educational programs, lectures, artist talks, and special events throughout the year designed to deeply engage audiences in contemporary arts.

We are grateful to our founders, Ron and Ann Pizzuti, who lovingly restored and donated our building and have generously gifted access to their private collection to the world. While the art comes from the family collection, as a nonprofit arts organization the Pizzuti Collection belongs to the community.


Brittany Snider | Registrar

Philip Kim | Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Victoria Lavorini | Exhibitions & Design

Greer Pagano | Chief Curator

Sarah Mellon | Director of Development

Mark Zuzik | Manager of Donor Relations and Visitor Experience



Sally Crane Cox
Alex Frommeyer
Ann Pizzuti
Joel Pizzuti
Vikram Rajadhyaksha
Judi Stillwell

Ron Pizzuti, Founder & Chair
Wayne Lawson, Vice Chair
Mike Edwards, Treasurer
Arlene Weiss, Board Secretary


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